I did it! (I graduated, AGAIN!)

As part of the benefits of serving my county in the United States Army, I was given a GI Bill to attend college on the Army's dollar, because of my dedication to serve my country. I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated with an Associate of Science in Digital Photography, graduating with the … Continue reading I did it! (I graduated, AGAIN!)

The Gonzalez Family

I love to watch families engage in real emotion-filled lives. I love when families value each other and enjoy and seek the company of the other members of the family. Seeing this family on their social media accounts is nothing but the same real-life living they are in real life. And, I love that I … Continue reading The Gonzalez Family

Finding Joy

I birthed two boys and a girl. These kids have been my solid foundation, my return to love, my you're-driving-me-crazy...Β my deepest loves. They have meant the world to me as I've gone through days, in and out with them. My boys have saved me from deeply dark days, taught me how to be more compassionate … Continue reading Finding Joy

Tatiana & Abel

Tatiana and Abel met me at Waveform Studio in Austin, TX for some magazine-inspired couples portraits in minimalist yet stylish apparel. If you're a photographer and looking for a studio to rent for a few hours, I love how much space Waveform has. All their lights are set up for you on stands, plugged in, … Continue reading Tatiana & Abel


Ok, let me shoot this straight. Kinley is totally my niece. Chad has one sister, and this is her oldest daughter. I met her when she was about 6 years old. She was precious, adorable, completely naive to the way the big world works, as all 6 year old usually are. Talk. About. PRECIOUS. Since … Continue reading Kinley