The Time is Now!

After months of pondering about my photography business and whether to start it or not… I have finally decided. And it was YES!

I have always been in love with photography and couldn’t be more happy.

I have several goals that I wanted to share with all of you because after all, what good are goals unless you write them down, share them, and have someone to urge you to complete those goals?!

1.) Service: I’ve never been one to use a New Year’s resolution, but this year, after a few personal motivational readings, I decided that I wanted to give back more to my surrounding community… more than just my usual donation to Goodwill and such. So, I’ve started off with a bang and offered five free shoots (which filled rather quickly!) to families or couples in the Fort Knox, KY area. I want to keep this up, offering free shoots and a free print to lucky winners. So, keep your eyes open for these offers!

2.) Self-indulgence: I want to make it a priority to take casual photos of my husband and I and on a day-to-day basis. “Capturing memories for others is commendable, but capturing memories for yourself is priceless.” (DPS) We’ll see how easily he agrees to us being in front of the camera all the time!

3.) Money-wise growth: I want to read thorougly a book or web site each month in order to grow my skills in photography without having to spend unnecessarily. I think that this may be a good start:

4.) Compete: I have yet to ever submit photos in a photo contest. I want to start competing in contests in my local area, and possibly across the nation! Earning a good score in contests will allow me to build my awards so I can expand locally and hopefully be able to tell everyone’s story in this area.

5.) Snail-Mail: Snail-mail has been declining since the email revolution, but I think it would be a great idea to create my own postcards to mail out to friends and family. Wouldn’t that be exciting to be on the receiving end of a personal postcard? It is more intimate and personal than email… so, maybe it will be you this month!

6.) Meet & Greet: I would love to meet inspiring and hobbiest photographers in my area. I would love to have the support system and hey, we could take a day a week and do a photography walk! How about it?

These are just a few, but huge goals. In a year, let’s review these and see how they went!

Elise @ EliseMaynor Photography

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