In Light of my Birthday Gift (No Pun Intended)

As I previously posted, my loving husband has gotten me an awesome birthday gift. He asked me if it was OK if he bought me a studio set, to which I excitedly answered “YES!” to.

Today, I just wanted to discuss the importance of lighting. The idea is simple. If you create good lighting in your photography, it creates a better image with less digital developing to do later. The high-end lighting is not necessary, smaller more available lights that you already might have work as well; the light just needs some direction! Try not to use those florescent lights though, they tend to need the most color work because of their light color, try to use instead an incandescent bulb.

There are three key lights to a good lighting set up. The brightest and main light is from behind the camera, lighting up your subject. Then, use a softer light from behind the subject to pull the subject out of the background. Lastly, you need filler lights to alleviate shadows. These lights are placed at angles of the subject.

Remember, you can always improve your images. Try playing with the light to create a different image of the subject. One of my favorite pieces in studio lighting are the light diffusers! They work wonders, evenly spreading light instead of a harsh flash, but, sometimes, it is the contrast in the image that makes it interesting! One thing that I admit I need to check more often, is my histogram… yes, I’m guilty…

I cannot wait to get my studio set up and start playing with studio images again… It’s been years!

Elise @ EliseMaynor Photography

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