It’s an obligation…

So, upon starting my business just last month, I’ve been trying to get my business plan rolling, pricing packages, writing up contracts, and scheduling clients… I have pretty much been doing all. that. boring. crap. I am a little irritated about it because it just seems like it cannot get done more quickly. I mean, I had to write up and research contracts, I had to research my competition {funny story about that, I’ll write about that next I guess} and write up prices based on MY talent and time… all the while…

I offered five free shoots when I started my business to get the ball rolling, to give to the community, and to get some recent work up on my Facebook website. Without thinking first, I advertised my free shoots and the slots filled up in about a day {I chose an awful place to put my add, I will have to find a better place for next time as well}.

I have had this “dream” of having my own photography business and since I became “gung-ho” about finally opening it, I have been trying to get it all right and get it done quickly. My husband has been an awesome supporter for me, he’s the new “marketing director” {which entails putting ads for me “for hire” on his craigslist account; I’m a craigslist virgin, so I just did not want to have to deal with it.} and even has given me his two cents on different concerns including scoping out my competition {competition beware}.
Anyways, I feel like I am being jerked around for my promotional sales {for the most part}. I was hoping that after I sent my prospective clients a contract that they would understand that they need to take this more seriously. If you “win” a photo shoot, even though you are not paying, it is still an obligation. Obligations are like duties AND restrictions. Not only is it an obligation to yes, actually take me up on the offer, but it is an obligation to communicate politely, for the goodness of both parties. Who wants an upset client? Or, who wants an upset photographer!?

So, I think that I will need to post a few things to this blog and to my  Facebook account. I have been doing my homework, and I have been working on getting some things put together. In an earlier post, I mentioned that I had goals and I needed someone to hold me to ’em. Well, I will be publishing my “Executive Summary”, as my small business advisor called it, so that everyone can read it and see that yes, I am serious as a heart-attack; so please, if you make an obligation, follow through. As for my part, next time I’ll be more wise and put a time-constraint on my offers {“Offer good till XXX” – HELLO! You win some you lose some I guess.}.

With that being said, I also want inquiries to keep coming; inquiring does not mean you HAVEEEE to make an obligation to set up a shoot. DONT WORRY. I’m really not that bad of a person. {Funny that Zemanta adds this, it makes small business people appear to be “cut-throat” and impatient. Really. I’m a sweet girl. Promise!}

So, in light of having to wait on husbands having to return from training {no big deal, been there done that girls!}, people moving & sick children {which are also out of one’s personal control}, I would like to offer ONE free photo session. The session will entail again, 15 High Resolution Digital Images.

BUT! There are some restrictions! You must be available THIS week, the 11th or 12th. And, I need your email address so I can send you the contract {who guessed that was coming?}. Remember those Senior Pictures, too! The first person {in the Fort Knox / E-Town / Louisville area} to comment me your email address will be the lucky winner!!

And here I am, trying to find a picture for today…
It’s not very fitting, but, oh well.
Love to all.
Elise @ EliseMaynor Photography

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