My Light Bulb

I know, I know; I need to quit writing about lighting. {Who knew I was rhyme-tastic!} Ok, so you might be sick of hearing about lighting, but I had this “ah-ha!” moment today while sitting at the VA, waiting for the rather round optical administrator to call me in so I could pick out some new frames today.
I’ve been “attending” Nikon school {which is really just an application on my iPhone} and it somewhat falls into goal # 3 of my original post. That goal being “money-wise growth” or in other words, personal knowledge growth while being aware of monetary spending. If it is online for me to read for free, why not take it all in? If it is something that I really should look into having, or it is practically necessary, then BUY it. Be safe! AND be smart!
So, my motivation comes from Nikon School today. Like I previously said, it’s been a while since I was in a studio and dark room {also read as studio OR dark room}. I’m curious about the gift my husband got for me {my studio set}. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY so we’ll see! I wonder if all the parts are there {light meter!} or if I’m going to have to fill it in. Chad is a smart man… he is always researching on the internet… ALWAYS. If he was in school and putting all that time into school that he does researching products, trades, houses, vehicles, etc. he’d be halfway to a B.A./B.S. degree. No lie. I try to talk him into starting college, but it just doesn’t work. I cannot find what motivates him. Him: “I’ll start college when I’m done with the military, they pay for it anyways.” Me: “Well, how about starting it now so they don’t subtract from your money for later?” Yeah, nothing works.

Ok, so back to the meat and potatoes. While sitting and waiting in the VA, I was working on goal #3. Nikon has always got these awesome tips and insights, and this “skooling” was my “ah-ha!” moment.

I realized that I had been using my “rear flash” option wrongly. I was sadly mistaken that this meant “bounce-flash” from behind the camera. Not the case. Nikon broke it down grade school style. Basically, by using the “rear flash” mode, I am allowing natural light and flash fill light to exist simultaneously in my images. HOW AWESOME! BUT, in reality, I was still producing pictures with natural and flash light. Now, I just have better knowledge of the secondary slow curtain and how to use it to my advantage. “Ah-ha!” “Here’s my light bulb”. Now, I can’t wait to try this out in my birthday gift. πŸ™‚

Did you just have and “ah-ha!” moment, too? Hopefully it wasn’t “ah-ha, she’s an idiot”. πŸ˜‰  “BOING – FLIP!”

There is ALWAYS room for improvement. I am living proof.

Here’s a few examples to show you what I am talking about.

A really cool picture that could have used some blur was this one.

Imagine how awesome this would have been
if the ferris wheel was slightly blurred.
You know, just the moving part.

Chad and I on my first attempt to take this picture. He didn’t know that he needed to remain still because of the slow flash, therefore, you can see him in transparency, the flash light first, then the background city lights.
Chad and I in Chicago on the Sears/Willis
Tower SkyDeck. Flash light and background
city light are both present in the image with
a slow curtain to produce this image.

Love to all.
Elise @ EliseMaynor Photography

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