My In-laws visit

Ok, so I know it has been a few days too many, but I’ve been very busy with my in-laws visiting, finishing up a final for school, and catching a horrible head-cold that just hasn’t been kicked yet. So, aside from that, I got some good pictures in this past weekend while the in-laws were visiting. Chad and I took them to the Louisville Zoo on Saturday which was sweltering hot, more than one should be able to handle {which is where I blame my head-cold from: super hot weather, and exposure to lots of public germs… ewww.} and then on Sunday, we went to Marengo Caves in Marengo, IN. Both places were awesome!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend out.

These are from the Louisville Zoo.

These are from Marengo Caves. Many of these had to be taken with natural light from inside the cave, which means no flash, which means.. hold very still since I did not bring my tripod in the caves. I am happy with several of the pictures I took. Here are just a few.

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