Back-dating III: The Pacific Northwest

In August 2009, my parents had their 23rd Anniversary, and I had not been home to visit for SUCHHH a long time. It had been almost a year, since October 2008, when I was home for R & R from my second deployment with the Army {this time, to Afghanistan — pictures coming soon from Afghanistan, I have several favorites from my year there}.

Vacation and camping is kind of a big deal in our family. We used to go allll the time when we were little kids (my older brother and I are 10 1/2 months apart, TO THE DAY, and my little brother and I are 8 years apart) and it was good ol’ times and such. So now, as we are all grown {I’m 26, my brother is still 26 for just under a month, and little brother will be 19 this December}, grown-up camping is still just as important, if not more important that the whole family {of 5} attends. My parents usually take their vacation in coordinance with their Anniversary, and this visit home, as well as the album I’m presenting, is in fact, our family vacation.

So, I hope you enjoy a peek at my personal life, and enjoy the pictures as well. If you think they suck, I’m sorry, I’ll be posting “back-dating IV” before you know it.

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