The weather is here, wish you were beautiful!

Chad and I decided we would go on vacation to the Carolinas, one, to visit his brother {cousin, actually, but so close that they refer to each other as brothers} and friends, and two, to take our first ever vacation for just the two of us.
We spent two days on Myrtle Beach, being beach bums and totally enjoying the lifestyle. We ate some of the best sushi our palettes have ever touched, enjoyed the sand in our toes like never before, and marveled at the beauty of such a free soul to enjoy this beautiful creation. We spent another three days in North Carolina where we barbequed and played in the lakes that were still warm. We enjoyed great company, good wines {I have only been drinking Chateu St. Michelle lately, for all of you Woodinvillians, cheers to you}, and memories shared. Our other two days of vacation included the first day and the last day in Gatlinburg, TN, among some of the most beautiful foot-hills and grandeur of southern-hospitality.
Here are just a few of our several hundred from vacation, the others are still being worked on. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed creating them. Life, is so good.
Elk in the Smoky Mtn. foothills

The Smoky Mtns., TN

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, sunset

Out chasing kids with the kite
Chad, my amazing other half
Beach Bums 🙂
It shows that Chad’s eye for photography has improved. 🙂
Chad, with our hotel in the background; oceanview.

Love to all,
Elise @ EMP

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