We Date Randomly in Indiana… Here’s our proof.

So, one of my friends recently told me how cool the Falls of the Ohio State Park was, which, is in fact located in Indiana.As far as “Indiana” sounds, it is only right across the bridge from Louisville, just over the Ohio River. So, Chad and I checked it out one weekend. She was right, no doubt about it. What is funny is that we ran into someone’s photo shoot while exploring, and I thought, wow, that yellow chair that guy is carrying would look good with this scenery. Shortly after, we found out he thought the same thing, too. So we watched for about a minute from a distance.
Anyways, as far as the park goes, it was kind of full of trash! Which is a disappointment on many levels. For one, trash is gross and should not be in a public park. For two, the people who run it are all “eco-friendly” but did not do much about the trash. I mean, come on, there was a nasty tire there! Granted, it is not their fault, but still. At the very least, the people sports-fishing could have been courteous {and correct, might I add} enough to pick up their fishing lure trash, broken lines, soda bottles they’ve emptied while fishing… you know? What happened to respect for mother nature?! What has this place come to? No one should be trashing the river at all… and it is even more unappealing when the river is low and it washes up on the beaches. What an eyesore!
Regardless of the trash, we still had fun, though, as posted, you should not enter the water for its plethera of e-coli bateria in it… eww.
Here are the pictures from Ohio Falls park {for short}.

We are hoping to go to Bridge Day next weekend {the weekend of Columbus Day} so we are saving up some money for that. Bridge Day is a huge event for lots of people. It is on the Western Hemisphere’s Largest Arched Bridge, in West Virginia. Conveniently located just a few miles from Chad’s ol’ stompin’ ground. So, this weekend, we are hoping to check out some more sights around Louisville, including Papa John’s Park {which is supposed to be really cool}.
Here is the bridge we hope to see people jump off of. A bit big, huh?

Love to all,
Elise @ EMP

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