Shireman’s Farm Market

Chad and I love buying fresh {as in from a farmer’s market} fruits and vegetables as much as we can. Last weekend, we went to Corydon, one of our usual date-night locations and stopped in to Shireman’s. We originally wanted to go pick a pumpkin out of a pumpkin patch, but had no luck finding one. So, on our way out to historical Corydon, where we ate dinner {I had a delicious portobello sandwich, and Chad, a prime rib, medium-rare steak}, we stopped in to what happened to be a sweet surprise.

Since recently finding out we were expecting, we’ve been talking lots about foods, work, baby, baby, baby. I’ve been learning a lot, too {take for example, sweet potatoes are a pregnancy superfood}. So among shopping and selecting the most beautiful foods {including a large bag of sweet potatoes at 79 cents a pound} we have seen in a long time, I asked the lady if I could take some pictures. My favorites were of the striped squash {I know its improper, but I like to say “squashes”, it makes me smile}, and the decorated mini-pumpkins.

Chad and I kept wondering why we had never come up to Shireman’s before… it was such a treat! I hope you all enjoy!

Love to all,
Elise @ EMP

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