Fun in the sun!

Chad and I had a wonderful time just being spontaneous this past Sunday afternoon. We even contemplated driving up to Indianapolis, but we decided against it since all we would have time for was dinner and then have to drive back. We instead chose to do an Indianapolis trip in three weekends {after the baby shower and hopefully when the price of gas goes down!} and spent the day just driving around. We found some pretty cool places for pictures. πŸ™‚

We ended up driving to Turtle Run Winery to find out nothing was going on {bummer}, and just drove the scenic route all the way to the flooded Ohio River.
I think that a couple shoot would be really awesome around these parts. The brick buildings are amazing here… we only took one picture with a brick building and it didn’t even have the windows in it. This old building was beautiful, no matter how broken and used up it was. πŸ™‚
{If anyone would like to do a couple shoot here, I’d be willing to give you a discounted price. It’s just that awesome!}

We dined at a new place that we’ve been thinking about going to for a while, Hillbilly Tea, and it was interesting. We wished we had gotten to try other kinds of tea, but our server did not explain to us the tea portions and we tried the same one… ugh. Chad had frog legs {eww} and I had a pork sandwich {it was ok}. The sweet potatoes were to die for!

Love to all,
Elise @ EMP

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