We’ve got two tickets on the next train going anywhere

We’re always up for burning away the weekend doing fun and new things. I had been wanting to ride the train for quite some time now and even waited for “train season” to open. We took the drive to New Haven, KY {about 30 minutes away… if we didn’t get lost on the way} and caught the 2 o’clock train. We brought apple juice for me, and a glass of wine for Chad… though I still drank my juice in a wine glass and joked about how much it smelled like apples {we really enjoy wine, sort of like wine connoisseurs, if you will}.
Anyways, the scenery was nothing at all like we expected… and we were pretty disappointed. BUT, we rode the train and we were gently rocked as we rolled along, enjoying the sun and the drinks, fruit salad and the meal that we had brought. We just loved each other’s company and couldn’t have been more happy on a slow and warm Sunday like this. It was definitely needed since the winter season had come to an end.
Here are a few images from our train ride.

Love to all,
Elise @ EMP

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