Opening Night at Churchill Downs

My husband and I had been looking forward to going to Opening Night at Churchill Downs for what seemed like months, but was only about a month. We had been talking about it, talking about the horses and I had even been looking at the countdown!

We really wanted it to be a group event, but everyone who originally thought it was an awesome idea to get some Joe’s Crabshack on the river for lunch then make it to the track by gate time suddenly “couldn’t come”. Nevertheless, we went anyways and met up with another couple and had a great time.

I had just recently purchased a new zoom lens and was ecstatic to take it to the track and shoot a few frames! It’s a 1.4-5.6 so I had to have maximum burn in time {it was dark out and we were under the new-ish lights!}. Some pictures came out a bit blurry but I got a few good ones of about the 20 I shot. Very cool!

Here was our view from our third floor box seats!

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