{Family Picture Mini’s | My Family}

In September, I had the chance to go to Washington and visit my family. I only get to see them once a year to two years, so I cherish every moment I have with them. ♥ After all, what’s life without loved ones?! This was also a very special visit because it was the first time the family were getting to meet my Baby P!!

My Aunt, a total city girl, took me around the entire city of Seattle per my request so I could shoot some “typical” Seattle skyline. {I’ll post those in another post later!}

Here’s P & his Great Aunt Peggy, our tour guide
for a day at Myrtle Edwards Park down on
Seattle’s waterfront. So GORGEOUS!
Here’s one my Aunt took of us at Myrtle Edwards Park.
It was quite comical trying to get it taken… we’ll avoid
that part of the conversation for now.
 Here they are again at Seattle’s Gasworks Park.
This park was in the movie “Ten Things I Hate About You”. Isn’t it funny 
how they’re both wearing the SAME expression? Ha!
Here we are in the Gasworks Pipes. The whole thing under the
canopy is painted beautifully. Lots of saturated colors, every piece
a new color. It’s too bad P was fussy here {our last stop of the “tour”}
because other wise we’d have taken many more pictures!

Afterwards, it was my request that we took a family day out to some of those same spots for some awesome pictures. Not everyone in the family could attend, and for that I’m heartbroken, but it iswhat it is sometimes! Here are some from our “mini” session.

My older brother and I at Kerry Park. This one was
one of my favorite parks to visit. Small park, but a
magnificent view! About a block from here is where my
Great Grandmother grew up and raised 7 children! How
lucky they were to have this view in their backyard!
This one is one of my favorites. I had the camera on a tripod with
the self-timer and remote set. 🙂
With a little bit of guidance, my older brother was able to pull of
this shot for me. Another favorite! This is now a 16×20 canvas print
in my home!
This was a candid shot of my brother trying to get a balance of my
little guy. I like it… a lot!
This is another favorite I did. I had this one blown up for a
16×20 canvas for my dad’s 50th birthday in October. My
favorite part is that you can see “Grandpa” on
P’s bib. Talk about PERFECT!
After stopping at Kerry Park, we went to the Space Needle. Some of our best memories have been made there. My mom tells me all the time about when I was a little one {about 6} and our trip to the Observation Deck. Up until I was about 7, I had hair so long I could sit on it… Apparently, when my Dad took me out on the O Deck, the wind was blowing so hard my hair stood up like a troll doll’s hair… While my mother & brother were safely standing inside, they were watching my dad & I outside. My mom said as soon as I saw her laughing at me, I tried to hide behind my dad’s legs because of my {literally} sky-high hair! She {and my Dad} will NEVER let me live it down. “Come on, Mom, I was 6! What was I supposed to do?!”
Here’s my brother and behind him, Gramps & P, 520″ in the air on the
Space Needle’s O Deck.
Afterwards, we stopped at the EMP {Experience Music Project} building
located just underneath the Needle for some cool pictures against it’s
multi-colored walls.
Another great one by my brother. This one I love…
It just breathes a Mother’s Love!
I had to switch lenses for my brother to get this shot. You
can see the Space Needle’s reflection. How cool is that! Our
reflection is pretty perfect, too!

Well, that’s all I can post for now, I’ve currently got Baby P reaching to push on the keyboard… I’m sure he thinks it looks like fun! Many more Seattle pictures to come… Keep on checking back!

Love to all,
Elise @ EMP

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