Seattle 2

Hello, Readers!

I’m back again to share a few more pictures of P & I’s Seattle trip. This time, the Little is in bed, so I’ll be able to post without the wandering hands of a five month old!

{Just a side note, P got his third tooth today 7Nov2011! What a big boy!}

Here I am with my little brother on Sunday, the day after arriving,
riding the ferry to Friday Harbor in search of whales!
Here is big brother and I, who are exactly 10 1/2 months
apart. His birthday was the day before. It was a nice birthday 
gift to him to meet his nephew!
My good friend had a baby almost the same time
my husband and I did. Here she is with Baby P. 🙂
What a precious moment to capture between
Grandpa and Grandson. ♥
My little brother really does love being an Uncle. 🙂
Here is another of us at one of my new favorite spots in Seattle…
thanks to my Aunt for the tour.
All three of us. 🙂

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She is creative, motivated, confident, and consistent in her work. You can find her attached to a cup of coffee or tea at all hours of the day, generally see her carrying a child in one arm, volunteering her time to serve those who serve our nation or at her child's school, and always with the desire to read something and enrich her life. elise.maynor(at) (931)249-4231

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