{Album Cover} MonumenT

It’s not very often you get to shoot a bunch of guys! Nor is it very often I get a chance to take pictures of my family! This was a special session to me because this band is my Dad’s band! 🙂
My dad has been playing music for longer than I have been alive… well, we can safely say that he has been playing music since deep down into his childhood years! My older brother and I tried out the “music” gene and we weren’t very blessed with it… My little brother on the other hand, he can slap some strings around with the best of them {and by that, I mean play the guitar}.
This band has been together for a while, practicing and playing their hearts out! Their CD should be coming out soon, which I am excited to hear. Shockingly, there are a lot of songs that I’ve been missing out on because of living so far away! I can remember my dad carrying around a notebook to write song lyrics down since I started having memories… {Let’s not date myself now… I’m still YOUNG… I’d like to think!}
A few of my favorite memories of my parents are of my Dad singing love songs to my mom in his rockin’ way. 🙂 It is so great to see such a long-term marriage still in love and celebrating each other.
Our first picture reveals the band members; from left to right: Scott – slappin’ the bass, Daniel – guitar, songwriter & vocals, Bill {Dad} – keys, sax, songerwriter & vocals, and Dave – skins! The fourth picture reveals their honorary member for those more “calm” gigs: David – barotone sax. David and my dad were high school buddies and have remained close all through the years!
We can safely say this made the blooper real! 😉

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