mother’s day

This year was my first mother’s day with baby in arms. My son was nearly a year old and already walking pretty well. He is one of the taller and heavier kids of his age group; I think he is taking after his uncle {who is nearly 6’2 and 185 lbs}. Everyday I look at him and can’t seem to be anymore thankful than I am for him in our lives. He brings my husband and I so much joy!
We also made this day a public announcement that my husband and I were having our second child. Well, we took these pictures with the announcement in mind, but I kept it a secret still for a few weeks, maybe even 2 months.
My husband is such a dear, dear, sweetheart. I try and teach him how to use the camera in manual mode, but it seems that he can never get it to work right for him. For these images, I set the camera up for him and he was free to just click the shutter button. Perfectly perfect. He has a great eye for composition and design, so I am always pleased when he is taking pictures.
♥ Here are our Mother’s Day pictures from this year. ♥
My favorite! He looks so cute. 🙂 This one was the only one
I edited, for temperture.
Didn’t my husband do a great job?! I really like them, even if I hadn’t edited them yet, at all. 🙂
I really hope your Mother’s Day, if you are a Mother or have a Mother, was just as wonderful as my first Mother’s Day. I couldn’t have believed I would be this much in love if I had to tell about how I felt before birthing him. If ever love is unconditional, it is surely a mother’s love.
♥ to all,

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