Mother’s Day

This year was my first mother’s day with baby in arms. My son was nearly a year old and already walking pretty well. He is one of the taller and heavier kids of his age group; I think he is taking after his uncle {who is nearly 6’2 and 185 lbs}. Everyday I look at him and can’t seem to be anymore thankful than I am for him in our lives. He brings my husband and I so much joy!
We also made this day a public announcement that my husband and I were having our second child. Well, we took these pictures with the announcement in mind, but I kept it a secret still for a few weeks, maybe even 2 months.
My husband is such a dear, dear, sweetheart. I try and teach him how to use the camera in manual mode, but it seems that he can never get it to work right for him. For these images, I set the camera up for him and he was free to just click the shutter button. Perfectly perfect. He has a great eye for composition and design, so I am always pleased when he is taking pictures.
♥ Here are our Mother’s Day pictures from this year. ♥
My favorite! He looks so cute. 🙂 This one was the only one
I edited, for temperture.
Didn’t my husband do a great job?! I really like them, even if I hadn’t edited them yet, at all. 🙂
I really hope your Mother’s Day, if you are a Mother or have a Mother, was just as wonderful as my first Mother’s Day. I couldn’t have believed I would be this much in love if I had to tell about how I felt before birthing him. If ever love is unconditional, it is surely a mother’s love.
♥ to all,

Published by Elise

She is creative, motivated, confident, and consistent in her work. You can find her attached to a cup of coffee or tea at all hours of the day, generally see her carrying a child in one arm, volunteering her time to serve those who serve our nation or at her child's school, and always with the desire to read something and enrich her life. elise.maynor(at) (931)249-4231

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