{Trey} Newborn

It isn’t often that I advertise my business here in Columbus because I get so caught up in school, being a wife, and being a mother… and then trying to be my own self. Upon moving here and seeing the stretch of photographers and some of their work (less than desireable for some, some ok, and some great), I decided that I would only offer my services to people at my husband’s work.
Once, I thought newborn photography was easy… I mean, I had read about it {apparently not enough}, viewed lots of pictures, followed the progress and work of newborn photographers… it just seemed like those babies would sleep. Well, after attempting some nothing-but-gorgeous pictures of my own first child, I realized that newborn photography was not as easy as it seemed. It was actually quite deceiving!
My husband’s co-worker and his wife just had their baby and I was raving to her about how lovely being a mother is while she was still pregnant. I had shown her all the glorious pictures I had taken of my own son {at various times of the day, week, or even month} and she asked me to take some of her son, Trey, when he was born. Naturally, I was a bit nervous, but told her I would absolutely do them for her. I asked her to schedule it at a time when he was sleepy, so that we could do it rather unbothered and smoothly. Not the case!
Here are a few images I took of their very wide awake, and precious, nine day old baby boy, Trey.
Isn’t he precious?!
This blanket was his father’s blanket when he was a baby.
Isn’t that sweet?
For a photographer who never does newborn photography, and who owns a single prop for newborn photography {the brown sleeping bag}, I think these are just precious. He was such a good, calm, and curious baby and I am thankful for him to be my first ever commisioned newborn subject.
Annie and George are wonderful parents already, and Trey is lucky to be theirs.
What was your first newborn photography session like? I’d love to hear!
β™₯ to all,

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