Ok, so it’s been a critically long time since I’ve been able to get a blog out, post some pictures of recent work, or heck, even spend a day with my son without having to work on school {geez}.
What can I say? I’m exhausted. My brain is absorbing more lately than in any of the years I’ve lived in. I feel like school will never end. I need a mind cleanse. I need… a break. {Whew, that felt good to say}
However, much like we expect, we don’t get breaks. Moms don’t get breaks. Students don’t get breaks. Wives don’t get breaks. Life is just go, go, go. Do, do, do. And this class I’m currently in {Art History} has me feeling, well, a little like Van Gogh. Like my work is “second rate”. It has me second guessing myself at why I am striving to be an artist, to build my competency, to be a friend with a camera to utterly. complete. strangers.
Well, I want it. I want to be a photographer. I want to learn this skill. I am learning this skill. I apply it. I think it. I breathe it…
When I moved to Columbus, GA, a business in tow, I had hopes to establish a business and to take pictures regularly. When I found out exactly how many hundreds {ok, maybe just hundred} of people were claiming, “I’m a photographer!”, “I’m a professional!”, I just stepped back. My advertising was absolutely zero. Every now and then, I mention my love for photography to work friends and such, but not so often do I pay for advertisements and self-promotion of my tiny, self-run, self-taught business. Better, I’ve taken all of my {left-over} focus, and aimed it towards school. I’ve been swimming in homework since I can remember. I am constantly typing up papers and creating something art-related. Burning the mid-night oil.
And, I’m glad. It is nice to know that I am working hard to pull out of the major group of amateur photographers to better myself. Life, is good. It’s great. Even if I know nothing else but staying busy; I couldn’t ask for more of a husband who supports my decisions, and a son who absolutely adores and admires me.

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