Father’s Day

I love celebrating parenthood. I love how much joy our son brings to us and how much we make him happy. Last month, he turned a year old; he has rapidly been acheiving new abilities. He’s been climbing, walking, running, not so much saying words but talking, laughing, smiling, chasing, playing… I just love watching him grow.
As much as I love watching him grow, I love more to watch my son and husband together. There are those moments when I just watch them together and can’t wipe the smile off my face that’s reaching my eyes. The two together just melt my heart.
Today, we all dressed in green and navy almost accidentally, but then on purpose. I wanted to take these pictures in the local area that has these crazy color-blocked buildings {for Saturday market, icecream shops, trinkets and treasures and such} and picnic tables throughout the whole small area. When we arrived, they only had a few buildings and no picnic tables. So we made do and just used one building to bring out some of the gorgeous Georgia summer we’ve been enjoying.
Here are some favorites.
“We’re cool like that.” – says No. 1
And because we’re expecting No.2, I also got to be in a few
pictures to show off my little bump.
Only, No. 1 was fussy from the beginning so I ended up having
to hold him and play a bit to get pictures to look this good.
Despite him being fussy because it was actually rather late in the eveing, he was entertained being on Daddy’s shoulders {as usual} and being tossed in the air, and being spun around in our arms. I just can’t be upset when he’s grumpy… it’s not his fault he can’t talk yet afterall. We love him always!
We hope that your Father’s Day was amazing! Did anyone have their first Father’s Day this year? This was his second year of Father’s Day celebration.
Here are my favorite from last year.
E L I S E & C H A D

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