losing your lifeline… i mean, phone

I’ve never been so mad at myself without any way to resolve the anger. Today, I lost my iPhone, my lifeline to the world. Living so far away from family, my smart phone keeps me connected, organized, updated, and even social. Without my phone, I have no immediate connection to my husband.

THAT freaks me out.

Well, my lifeline has been put on suspension with the phone company, which is somewhat relieving, but what I’m really mad about is all the stuff I will be losing if I don’t find this phone. I am absolutely a picture keeper, waiting for the right time to publish it on Facebook, so there are many pictures I don’t have a copy of… I’m KICKING myself for never connecting my phone to the computer very much.

One of my favorite apps as of late is Instagram. It’s like Facebook for pictures, but without all that junk about life’s complaints or he-said-she-said drama that sometimes occurs on there. For such a lover of photography, who wouldn’t think that Instagram would be awesome for art lovers?

I know that when I do get my phone back (best case scenario), or get a new phone, I will definitely be taking all of the steps to ensure I have my phone locator on… I guess just switching it to “on” doesn’t count. Isn’t life frustrating sometimes when all you get is lemons?

Share with us your favorite apps.

Mine includes:


Facebook & Pages for Facebook if you have a page

Kindle for my leisurely reading

Vital Source Bookshelf for reading my college textbooks on-the-go

Pinterest  follow me! elisem11


Endomondo for tracking workouts. You can even compete with your friends or see what they’ve been up to.

Starbucks for the gift card scanner that allows me to build up stars for free stuff (like syrups, milks, ect.) and so that payment  is easy, squeezy!

Target clearance (yes, there’s an app for that!!) It shows you what’s on clearance, if it’s in stock at your store or stores near you, and when it was on clearance (plus, the price!).

GasBuddy Lord knows we all need this one these days! It shows the gas stations by list or map, by name of station and price, and how long ago the prices were updated. It’s a community based app where the users update the prices and you are able to choose which station to go to based on the listed prices. Really, it’s pretty darn accurate! The user base is much larger than I’d ever guess!

Baby Center Pregnancy (for when I’m pregnant) It gives you awesome information day by day, week by week, and even gives you the option to track your bump by weekly pictures!

Netflix because every mother needs an emergency escape plan for those almost melt downs when you try to enjoy a dinner out, grocery shopping, or just a long day away from the house. Yes, please Elmo, Blue, distract my child as I make a getaway with at least some dignity remaining…

And Spider Solitaire for those rare times I feel I can “waste” at just being relaxed.

What are your favorites?



1:05pm, almost a whole day after losing my phone, I found my phone in my 13 month old son’s dresser. I knew I didn’t take it out with me because I know both times I went out, I thought, “Shoot! I forgot my phone!! What if I need Chad or Chad needs me!?!” I had it on the couch, where I noticed him reaching for it. Hours after the disappearance, I was ripping apart the house. HOW STRESSFUL! Now, I will be correctly activating the “find me” app and directions found below. Jeez, it takes me a scare to get this right?! Un. Cool. Very uncool.

Directions for activating the “Find my iPhone” app made by Apple: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/find-my-iphone/id376101648?mt=8

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