Babies in my husband’s family…

… are all in boy-girl pairs. All of the children in my son’s generation have come out girl then boy, or boy then girl.

This is so interesting to think about.

Since I am the first of my family to have children, this part of the theory is still a mystery. My brothers and I went boy-girl-boy {so I am the middle child}.

Everyone seems to be miserably waiting to hear the news of our gender reveal; perhaps I shouldn’t have posted the Photographic Gender Reveal teaserΒ so soon. Or, perhaps UPS could actually deliver when they say they will; especially when you pay for it!


Will we continue the usual boy-girl pairs? Or will wehave a family filled withΒ boys?

Hopefully soon we will be able to share the news. We also have a surprise coming up after everyone knows.



4 thoughts on “Babies in my husband’s family…

  1. As much as I am excited for your mom to get her sweet package, you need to just post the reveal. I am going insane………you should contact UPS and see what happened to your envelope. Not like UPS to be so late. Love you and am so excited.

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