Ashamed to be an Artist Sometimes


There are some aspects of art that I am great at… I love photography, and I love designing paper art on the computer, and I’m ok at doing other digital art (though it’s nothing to write home about).

However, there are some things I am absolutely ashamed of in art.

Like, my drawing “ability”. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was JUST me seeing these pencil-whipped stick figures as frames I will use as main ideas for a photo shoot; but it’s not just me… My clients see them, too.

I use these embarrassing stick-figures to let them know basically the main ideas on how I want them, and then use their own suggestions, and then have filler-on-the-spot frames for those ideas that just come to me.

I wonder what they think of my “talent”?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve my drawing?

I’m embarrassed that I can’t even make simple drawings for my son, like the paper-bag-dog-dog-puppet I once requested my husband to draw for him… He’s 14 months; he should be impressed by everything…


4 thoughts on “Ashamed to be an Artist Sometimes

  1. I found this through a comment on Leanne Cole’s site, and had to check it out. My late husband LOVED stick figure drawings, and I acquired a taste for them through his enjoyment. So, with that said – in my humble opinion, I’d say to be proud of your drawings! They speak to somebody, even if they don’t swap howdies with you. πŸ™‚

    1. Well then, you should see my fancy maternity stick figure I drew up the other day. It’s quite a master piece! Perhaps I’ll post my composition with my photo album and commentary / artist’s statement… πŸ™‚

      1. Well, it’s up now. I’ve included my maternity stick figure… It’s actually kind of pretty.

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