Samantha & Emma {A Mother-Daughter Picnic}

Samantha was my lucky winner for my Free Family Session giveaway hosted on my EMP Facebook site last week. I think if my following continues to grow, I will continue to offer discounted prices and the occasional free shoot. Who likes free stuff? Probably everyone.

While the weather didn’t exactly feel like cooperating here in Georgia, I decided I wanted to shoot anyways. It was thundering, and cloudy, but the rain managed to hold off. And what do you know, that as soon as I put the camera away, the sun decides to beam. Go, Georgia… {thumbs down!}

Anyways, this mother and daughter shoot was nice. It was relaxing, pleasant, and un-rushed whatsoever. Emma-girl didn’t want a thing to do with the cupcake, but was just fine with bubbles. Sounds like my son who, on his first birthday, hardly touched his home-made cake.

I love the outcome of the shoot; sun or no sun. I love the grainy look, warm environment, and feel-good emotion here. What better emotion that that to display between Mommy and baby.









I hope you all enjoyed the message I was trying to convey about a mother and daughter… It feels warm and embracing, just how a mother’s love should be.



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