Amy & Her Bump

It was a normal day, in which I was doing normal things, and I was fretting in my  head about how I was going to resolve my school project issue. I  have been working on a project about “family”. I started out with this wonderful idea about how to portray family and positive emotion one’s family has through the use of light; planning these pictures had been going rather successfully. I was branching out to find suitable subjects, but things just weren’t falling into place.

It seemed like much of my school “family” project was becoming this lopsided weight; instead of showing how beautiful family is, I seem to be finding the ones who represent only half of the family. I just posted a mother-daughter picnic the other day;  the father was unavailable.

While at the grocery store, milling over how to resolve my problems, waiting in the check out line, it popped out; the woman in front of me did. She was popping out. She was pregnant.

I pondered briefly in my head how ridiculous and left-field I might sound asking her to let me photograph her… but this was as much of a benefit for me as it was for her. She would get gorgeous maternity pictures, and I would get this blossoming belly and a beautiful couple to show how it got there, on “film”.

At least, this is exactly what I’d hoped for.

Surprisingly, just a few hours after my awkward proposition to her as she was loading her cart onto the belt, I had an email:

“Hi, this is Amy [last name here], the pregnant girl that was in front of you in Publix…”

Success. I finally found a resolution to my lopsided project.

…Until she told me her husband refused to be in the pictures. Dang. So here I am, stuck again trying to find a resolution.

In the mean time, here are some gorgeous mommy & bump pictures from her shoot, taken at the same location I did my Wandering Aengus shoot and also where I was “brutally” attacked by ants.

I absolutely loved taking these pictures. On the way there, my husband and I were talking as I was going over my “horrible” stick figure drawings to see if there was anymore inspiration I could dream up, and we came to the conclusion that this was my first maternity shoot; you know, other than us.

It would have made for a gorgeous shot to have one of these; however, no such luck.


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