Reading Books: I


Am I sheltered for never having read Pride and Prejudice or Emma, two classic pieces of literature?

I saw these books at Target (my weakness) a few weeks ago and really wanted to make the purchase. Today, I decided to do so. Does anyone have a recommendation for which to read first?

I can’t wait to see what I have been missing out on.

Something else I’m always reading is my camera manual. Many people overlook reading their manual; I did until about a year ago. Now, I always try and flip through to find something new I haven’t discovered yet. So, what am I currently learning about? Auto-bracketing; thanks to a fellow blogger, Leanne Cole, who has recently inspired me to try some HDRI.

I hope I inspire some of you to dig out your manual and find something to inspire you; try new techniques and see how you can enjoy new ways if shooting. At least if you don’t use the new techniques, you’ve gained a new perspective on it.


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