My Vacuum Sucks


There’s something about vacuuming that I enjoy and I’m not for certain why, but perhaps it has something to do with hating the multi-step process that mopping requires. Boy, do I hate mopping…

Or perhaps it’s that sound that something makes when it is being sucked up the vacuum and through all the tubing and into the bagless canister, swirling around until I turn the vacuum off.

Yes, maybe that’s it. I like that sound.

In my house, that sound is pretty common when I am vacuuming. My toddler son is rather good at dropping his snacks on the floor…

When I was growing up, my family was never wealthy; in fact, my parents often struggled to make ends meet. We were a family of five in Washington, struggling in the middle (and at times, probably lower) class. I can remember weekends at the Food Bank and wondering why my mommy didn’t have to “check out” when we were done shopping. Having a vacuum that plugged into the wall was a thought my mind never had.

Our carpet cleaner (not ‘vacuum’) was one of those kinds you pushed around that you probably see in movie theaters during the work day; the kind that is basically a cylinder brush set and two enclosed trays for stuff it brushes up and you pushed it around on a handle something similar to a broom handle. Yep, that was our ‘vacuum’ growing up. I also remember having one of those dust buster hand vacs; it hung in the broom closet, somewhere near where the iron sat. I remember thinking that thing was cool.

I think the first vacuum I ever owned was the one my in-laws gave to my husband and I when we were finally living stateside as a married couple (our first year together was spent deployed). I can remember her talking about this one couple that gave each of their children a vacuum when they were married; maybe she did this too, or just thought it was a good idea. She had been redoing her home’s flooring throughout and no longer needed a ‘real’ vacuum. She nowΒ has a light duty vacuum for all the wood floors and tile surfaces in her house, so she gave us her old Kirby vac.

When I say old, I mean old. This Kirby vac is the old silver one with a bag and weighed about 15 pounds. We used that for about two years until it was nearly impossible for me to carry this thing up the stairs while I was pregnant. It was just too awkward. Chad would have to carry it up for me one evening and then back down the next. Boy did it suck though!

We finally decided it was time to replace the ol’ girl with a modern one. Having never made a vacuum purchase myself, doing this required a but of research for the best bang for my buck. I ended up with a Shark vac… andΒ this vacuum sucks!!

Two years ago, we received a vacuum for Christmas from my husband’s parents. I probably organized this, is that weird? They purchased a hand vac similar to the one that sat next to the iron… It was a bit of miscommunication as we had wanted a vacuum for our vehicles. We went and traded this one for a shop vac that ended up being cheaper; bonus!

Anyways, now that I own my own vacuum that you actually plug into the wall, there’s certain little things I find myself enjoying about vacuuming. Like that sounds when something gets sucked up, and vacuum lines (which may look a little wild at times, having to vacuum around my toddler who insists that he help), and that I no longer have to empty the tray or replace the bag.

I like vacuuming; maybe it’s because of my experience with it, maybe it’s just because I don’t have to sweep, dust the rugs, get the bucket of water ready, mop a little, dip and wring the mop, repeat, move the bucket, dip, wring, mop, repeat… Etc.

Yes, we’ll just go with the fact that my vacuum sucks.

Do you like vacuuming as much as I do?


5 thoughts on “My Vacuum Sucks

  1. When I was a kid, we didn’t have a vacuum either, and the rugs in our home were small enough to take outside and shake. I can remember many a time when we took them out, that they should have been shaken quite sometime before. Great post, thanks. Bill

    1. Well then, you should consider yourself lucky! In the house I grew up in, there was/is this solid, putrid orange color throughout the living room; this was my ‘vacuuming’ chore. I never cared about the color at all, about not liking it or liking it. It was just a carpet to me. I never thought anything about it until my mother expressed such disgust over the so-outdated color… It’s funny how thoughts change because of someone else’s perspective, isn’t it?

    1. How about you mop at my house and I vacuum at your house?? πŸ˜‰ My son wakes up at the crack of dawn so it can be done hours before your husband comes home, too!

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