Kinley {Growing Up}

For school last week I had to work with color symbolically. I had to choose one color and somehow represent it in a picture. For me, this assignment was hard to think about because much of my symbolic shooting began the other way around. I first came up with something to shoot, and then assigned a color theme to the idea and did the shooting as so. This was so backwards to me, it was hard!

Luckily, my in-laws popped in on Chad and I for a weekend visit and I was able to figure out a way to shoot with color, symbolically. Family to the rescue, right? YES!

I felt that many people were going to choose red and assign a meaning like romance or lust or even danger to it. I was right. I couldn’t believe how many red assignments there were. Maybe four of eleven students? That is if I even remember all of them, too. Luckily for me, I think pink was chosen by only one other student, who chose a pale pink and a young baby girl as a subject. Some people didn’t even shoot people, it was whatever you wanted to show in your images. One of my favorite “red” projects was done at a fire house by fellow student Courtney. She did a lot of abstract shooting and it blew me away (I think that abstract shooting is her stong point; I wonder if she will continue to shoot abstractly?).

Anyways, my in-laws and I were waiting for my husband to get off work and while we were waiting, we went out for a treat to Sweet Frog. It is a fro-yo place and it looks like all things bright pink found a home here. It was too easy to finally grasp some kind of idea for my project, and having Kinley as my sitter was great (her and her brother Lane, pictured in the first one with her) are awesomely patient, nay, trained for photography; their mother is also a photographer. *insert big smile here* The bright pink seen here is a great age representation for her: youthful, playful, energetic, yet still feminine. What do you guys think? Did I nail it or fail it?

The first one is one of my husband and I’s favorites. I had to do lots of background editing as it was taken in a hotel parking lot in Atlanta, but really, I like it just how it turned out. It makes the both of us smile.

Aren’t kids just the greatest?


3 thoughts on “Kinley {Growing Up}

  1. I love the pic and my fav is the last one..and the sweet frog was certainly a great place to access PINK…and I love the hot pink they have all around…I love the pic of Kinley in the big chair with ur shoes and hat on…makes her look so grown up..or guess u could say a little girl n a big chair…lol…u done a great job and Kinley certainly had a great time..tks for making memories for us to have for the future…keep up the good work…and the priceless memory of blessing your niece with a precious memory or her trip to Uncloe Chad and Aunt ELise home in the summer of 2012.

    1. You’ve got to improvise on the spot when things don’t seem to add up. The sun was too hard, so I gave her my hat (it was perfect, even though it was too big!), and the shoes went well with her outfit (I’m glad). I wished that I had been able to get some of just Lane!!

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