Gender Reveal

It seems like forever ago we found out the gender of our sweet, precious babe on the way.

And it seems like forever ago that UPS lost the announcement in the mail to my parents house. Thankfully, at least one made it. Chad’s parent’s received theirs on a Thursday, after I had mailed it on a Tuesday; it was just the opposite of my parents: it made it there quickly!

Just today (14 August), I finally was able to locate my tracking information for the lost package. Guess where it is…

Well, since my parent’s announcement was doomed to never arrive (and it still hasn’t, and it has been a few days shy of a month now… we’ll see if it actually arrives on the 16th, a month to date of the day we found out), I had to improvise the reveal for them. Luckily, I had taken pictures of it before I sealed it up and sent it off to Limbo.

I arranged that my brother receive the images and show them… my parents are a little behind on the smart phone thing, and they don’t quite use email regularly enough to know how to operate it without an experience tech-gen (because this is indeed the technology generation).

It was late. Very late. From Georgia to Washington, there is a three-hour time difference.

Mom got off work at 11p, which meant I had to get up and do the reveal for them at 2:30, given driving time. I told my brother, John, that when mom got home, to text me. I’d get up and send over the reveal. It was Friday, 2:30am, and them not knowing for a whole week and a half was no longer a suspense / anticipation / excitement / waiting game, it was torture. I had to do something.

Much to what I expected, my mother didn’t object to finding out without the announcement in hand. Good girl; I wouldn’t have felt it was nice if she had rejected.

So, with Mom, Dad, and John huddled around his iPhone. I sent the first image.

All odds were against me. You see, I have this awful, horrible, less than desirable, worst case of monkey in the middle between two phone service towers. It seemed that every time I attempted to send a picture via text, it was denying me.

Frustrated, I switched courses and we went with email. This time, it worked successfully, but achingly slowly.

Here is what my parents and older brother saw:

They received one image at a time… Note the time between each one. It seemed that time was not on our sides either that night.

So, they finally knew that we are going to have a boy! And, they received a hint at what his name might be.

Immediately, everyone thought we were naming him Seattle because we had named our No.1 Phoenix.

Finally, and because I knew my mother would be so excited and couldn’t contain herself any more than a day, I posted a reveal video on a private group in Facebook for the closest of family and friends to see. Everyone couldn’t have been more happy to finally know that our baby was a boy! Here are a few pictures from the video that they were lucky to see.

Then, everyone was surprised to hear that we had already picked a name! We hadn’t told anyone, or even mentioned names at all. When we were pregnant with No.1, we did a photographic gender & name reveal also. What do you expect of a photographer?

Due in November, we are welcoming our No.2 baby boy, Sylas Oakley.


ELISE, CHAD, No.1 & No.2

3 thoughts on “Gender Reveal

  1. I love how you revealed to us. I know I was dying waiting for your mommy to get the package. I am so excited for baby Sylas and my Mathias to become best buds. Love you.

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