Behind the Scenes: Thoughts on the Gender Reveal

There was a lot of secrecy in doing the gender reveal for our No.2 babe; we loved it, we hated it, we played on it, we dangled the idea of boy and the idea of girl in front of many.

My mother and father finally received their announcement in the mail on the 18th of August; it took a whole month and a day to travel from Georgia to the west coast, Washington. Thanks, UPS, for the huge let down on such a big deal for a life-changing event. ‘preciate-cha.

Here are a few thoughts on our new little babe I’ve collected just for your, and my, mild entertainment.

As you may know already, we’re expecting our second little boy.

This is Chad’s mother, Becky, who believed so much we were having a girl, that she even bought some girl clothes.

I can’t help but giggle; we’re right fifty percent of the time when it comes to a baby’s gender, aren’t we?

When we got the call from C&E (a common reference for the two of us) that we were going to be grandparents again, of course the first question in our mind was ‘When is it going to get here?’ and then ‘What’s it going to be?’

As the new baby grew and the time came for the ultrasound to see if No.2 would reveal the answer to our anticipation, we called only to find out a reveal would be sent to us by mail.

By now we had already posted the teaser online for family and close friends to see; many tried to pick it apart, with no revelation from either of us. The announcements had gotten in the mail on Thursday, the day after we found out.

I looked anxiously on Monday, but there was no SPECIAL MAIL. Tuesday when I arrived home from work, I discovered that Kerry (Chad’s Dad, and her husband of nearly 35 years) had gotten the mail as usual but had not waited for me to get home to open our mail addressed to the MAYNOR RESIDENCE.

He did not tell me the outcome, though he did tell me to look and see.

I know God knows best the future, so another boy will be an honor to add to our precious grandchildren. This baby will be our fourth and we’re anxious to hear his name and even more anxious to see him.

I’m so excited to share with the rest of the family a new baby boy is on the way!

Since Chad’s parents actually received their announcement on time, his mother had the opportunity to carry around the announcement and show Amanda (Chad’s sister) the coming Monday, and her family, as well as other friends the announcement. For a whole week, they were left with only the letter S to guess our No.2 babe’s name. I’m not even positive any name other than Seattle was even assumed!

Chad’s niece, Kinley, was for certain that since our No.1 has a city name: Phoenix, that our No.2 would follow suit. She was quite upset to find out that she would be the only girl… Mamaw Beck was quick to comfort her though, about loving each of her grandchildren equally. That’s the best, isn’t it?

Since my parents’ announcement was doomed to never arrive (so we assumed since we had had a similar run in with UPS never delivering our mail a few years ago — and in the two years we lived there, it still never showed up — we went ahead to do the reveal via email. Unlike Chad’s parents, they didn’t have to wait very long for the name announcement.

I had received calls, text messages, and even emails asking for the gender reveal so I knew everyone was about at wit’s end waiting.

Finding out we had picked a name already was just an added bonus; no one knew we had, unless we were having a girl. When we were pregnant with No.1, we were positive it was going to be a girl, so we have had this name picked out even before we knew it would be a boy. Yet to come, Baby J’s name is a secret to everyone. Hence, why no one even had an inkling as to what No.2’s name was; if it wasn’t a J, they knew it was going to be a boy.

My parents’ and big brother‘s reveal (Little Brother was unavailable during the reveal they had) was a bit different. Here it is, from my mother’s perspective (keep in mind she was rooting for us to have a girl, but almost as equally, for us to have twins… I can’t remember a time when my mother wasn’t asking us to have kids!).

This is from Chad and I’s anniversary. It was the last time I was able to see my family. On the right is actually Little Brother.
Here is Big Brother, also from Chad and I’s anniversary this year.

The other night, we were watching the reveal of our second grandchild; very excited, breathing heavily, holding our breath at times. (I had emailed the reveal one picture at a time.)  Next came the blue card. I said, “That’s got to be a fake card.” John said, “Is that it? Must be a boy!”  I said, “Nah, she could be fooling us for a girl; it’s a teaser…” But there it was, a BOY! We were all EXCITED, laughing and breathing like ourselves again.

And since all they had was the letter S in their reveal as well, they were stuck guessing names from then until the slide show that was posted later online.

We were guessing names… like Steven. I was thinking to myself, “Nah, too common…” and we all agreed. Your Dad suggested Seattle, haha; we all laughed.

A little while later, the slide show was up online that would tell more than we expected. Other than hinting in the reveal-card mail-out that we had picked a first name, no one knew what it was yet, or even knew that they were about to find out.

I LOVED watching it. We’re totally happy about Sylas Oakley (which is a little silly because I’m sure that no one else’s opinion would have persuaded us into choosing something else; we love this name for our No.2. Both of these names were in fact names we contended with for our No.1. I’m glad we finally found a place for them). Your Dad said, “Where’d she get ‘Oakley’ from?” I said that he had always mentioned his grandfather to our kids.

You see, Sylas’s middle name is after his great-great-grandpa. That would be my dad’s grandpa, which he was named after as well (but not Oakley, just Oakley’s middle name, which would be my dad’s middle name).

Thank you, Chad and Elise. We love you guys TONS! xo

And here are a couple more commentaries.


Vanessa is a friend of mine who is also pregnant; she is expecting her third child and this will be her second boy. Her baby boy will be named Mathias; isn’t that neat how our boy’s names are similar? She plans on nicknaming him Ty, while we’ve decided on Sy!

With her history of pregnancy, we’re not exactly positive when Ty will arrive, but he’s supposed to be due in the Fall.

Here is her commentary on our reveal:

I am TOTALLY SHOCKED. I totally thought it was a girl. How wonderful. I am so excited for you guys. I LOVE the name and the way you chose it.

I actually cried. I thought it was the most touching thing to see the joy in Phoenix’s eyes as he pulled out the name (we let Phoenix pick the middle name from a hat, of a few names we had chosen, but couldn’t choose). There is nothing sweeter or touching than knowing that the brother God sent as a protector was the person who picked Sy’s name. It was just beautiful… You are all so blessed.

LOL, I’m emotional just thinking about it; man, I am so overly pregnant…

Thanks, Vanessa… I’m teary-eyed just thinking about my kiddos now!


Alyssa is Chad’s cousin; Chad has several cousins (Hi, everyone!!) and Alyssa happened to be the one that comforted me first when I went to meet his family… I couldn’t have been more shocked than how I had met them for the first time. It was Amanda’s surprise birthday party and so many people were there; I think I can compare this to something like the stories of being at the podium and everyone (thousands) is waiting for you to speak… All eyes were on me, “the girl who Chad brought home”. You see, Chad had never brought a girl home before, so when he did, it was a big deal. (Here’s a bit of background information about “us”)

Thankfully, Alyssa was so sweet, she let me escape with her into her parents room (the party was at her parent’s house) to escape all the curious eyes and questions. What a relief; Chad didn’t know there were going to be that many people there, otherwise he’d have waited for a better opportunity to introduce me to the family. He’s thoughtful like that, and I love that.

Here’s what Alyssa said:

When I saw it was a boy I was like, “Aww P gets a baby brother!!” At first dummy me saw the blocks and thought his name was gonna be Som, haha. Then I realized, duh Alyssa, that’s his initials. I saw the name and………. Loved it! Absolutely love it! You guys did great!!!!

Included in the slide show reveal was a set of blocks, SOM, which are Sylas’s initials, but we hadn’t exactly “stated” the name, until the end of the slide show. So I can completely see the confusion!

Naming him Som would kind of be funny, don’t you think? Thanks, Alyssa!!


Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about what a few thought about the reveal. It was definitely drawn out more than it should have, but the people who really matter to us really enjoyed how they found out our No.2’s gender and name. I received so many compliments and congratulations; it’s always so touching to hear that many people care about us, even if we’re miles upon miles away.

I don’t know where I’d be without the support of family and friends.

Love you guys!


2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: Thoughts on the Gender Reveal

  1. thank you for all the Hard work to Reveal #2’s name! We all had the fun of LOOKING @ the Video together…We’re PROUD to be 2nd. Grandparents to your Children…& many more? LOVE you all sooooo much!

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