Just One of Those Days


Today started out… Ok.

But it quickly turned into “one of those days”…

The dishwasher left food all over my supposed-to-be-clean dishes; so then I had to clean all the dishes, and the dishwasher. Then when No.1 was busy strewing about things while I was hand-washing dishes, I set my treasured Seattle Sbux mug down on the dish rack to chase my toddler with my laptop cord. The treasured mug, a gift from my mother, fell and shattered.

Then I remembered I’ve been wanting/needing to clean the clothes washer. So I did. And ruined a bendy,scrubby brush that was nearly new.

I’ve been doing lots of reading for school as I’m in double classes, and I hate to even admit this to myself, but a lot of the content last week was over my head. That is never encouraging.

Today, I fixed the toilet handle that broke on that day I wished I’d never relive. I purchased it yesterday, forgot it in the truck, and went to get it out today. I found out it was the wrong one. Oh well, I forced it to work.

The worst was that I purchased a $450 piece of equipment, and they’ve sent the wrong USB cord with it. I emailed the company and the company I’ve ordered it through. Personally, I feel like since I’ve spent so many pretty pennies, I should be guaranteed it will work straight out of the box. I could email the gods of technology, I’m so mad over it.

I’m over it. Over it all.

Cheers to the weekend, cheers to some new reading material, cheers to a new day filled with photography tomorrow. (Yay!)

On a side note, does anyone remember me purchasing Emma? Or Pride and Prejudice? I’m happy to say that I’ve found someone else that feels like I do about starting books sometimes. I was listening to a podcast today on Bookrageous, and learned that there are others out there that feel like there are right times and wrong times in your life to start certain books. Right now, the slow read, ‘old’ or ‘proper’ language of Emma has not got my patience right now. Perhaps when things clam down here, I’ll be able to pick it back up and continue.

Does anyone else take breaks from books for this same reason?


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