Welcome, Fall!

The Fall season is sneaking up on us here in Georgia; I couldn’t open my arms any wider for its welcoming. I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced a hotter summer  in my life [stateside, that is]!

It’s finally cooling down here; today the high is only 86*! In the Maynor house, this is the favorite season. Chad grew up in the prettiest area of the nation for fall: West Virginia. It’s gorgeous! He couldn’t be more excited for Fall, though let’s admit it now, it won’t be as beautiful as he’s used to.

I couldn’t be more excited as well. Lately, as the heat has been slowly fading, we’ve been spening time at the beach at Robin Lake; we were probably the whitest people there. That’s how hot it was this summer; we didn’t even get tans. I think this Fall season, I’ll be even more celebratory over it. It is more than desired. It’s needed!! I think this year I may even do some Fall decorating!

Here are a few photos from our beach adventures in the last week of August, and the first week in September


Since Fall has been steadily creeping in, I can’t wait to have my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte!! I still feel like I need to do a bit of waiting as it is still pretty warm here. I’d love one on a crisp morning while taking a walk, feeling the cold nipping at my cheeks… Mmmm.

What about you? Have you had your first of the season yet?


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