Baby Stuff

My husband and I have been talking about how close we are to having another special stork delivery; just under 9 weeks left! We’ve been seeing small babies while out and about and thinking about how our arms will be filled with a new, small bundle, and our big bundle.

Our No.1 will be 18 months when No.2 will be born. We definitely will have some getting used to all over again. Just last night, he said, “It’s going to be weird.” I’m sure he was thinking about the fragility, the squeaky baby noises, the tiny t-shirts, arms and legs moving about without control, and of course those itty-bitty diapers, filled with poo. Yes, who can forget those?

As the days go by, I’ve been thinking about “that stuff” (the infant carrier, the infant bath seat, and the boxes of baby boy clothes I held on to in case we had another boy) I need to get pulled out of the attic; and about the stuff that still lingers down here. What it’s purpose is now, or that it is waiting.

It’s funny to think about the baby things that have found a new purpose… Like those tiny baby spoons turned coffee stirrers. They’re more that suiting, they’re perfect for the job. Or the “baby washcloths” turned face cloths… How can you resist their softness?! Much of the baby toys found a home in No.1s bathroom at the bath tub {because drool proof = water proof, right?}, but the bulk of them found a home in a box in his closet. Every now and then I’ll pull the box out and he’s again, fascinated with the little toys.

Ahh, babies. Sigh.

Here’s to organizing spaces, bringing out those clothes and hanging them for a second time, and sewing up new baby things. Yes, cheers.


I guess I can quit using those spoons as stirring spoons.


One thought on “Baby Stuff

  1. Whoooo reading your blog sure makes it more real..not getting to see u and feel Sylas move or be near time has gone by so quickly….and your certainly having two sure is a lot different than one to care for..But u will do fine and the fact P is such a good baby will make it easier. Get those little outfits ready and will be time to pack a bag before u know it.Being pregenant is such a special time in life..To know ur carrying a new life created by God designed by the two of u …..its awsome!

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