My kiddo | 16 months

It’s been a long time since I have been able to get some good blogs out, so I figured some good pictures will do for now. I miss blogging. And, I miss the blogging community. Thanks to school and being mommy & wife & self, I’ve been keeping pretty busy. Such is life, though.

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Enjoy the images; I enjoy him every day. He just kills me with cuteness.

I could probably do without the “baby” hat, but I’d like to keep him small for as long as possible. He’s been growing up so quickly and he’s already more than half my height. My argument is that it still fits… Ha! But seriously, Elise, it’s time to ditch the strap-under-the-chin hats and put those big-boy-beanies on you have in the drawer next to these…

Do you have any recent favorites of your kiddos? Leave me a link!


One thought on “My kiddo | 16 months

  1. the one of him looking up by the white fence, is my Screen saver! 😀 love it! thanks for all the pictures Duke! love you all!

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