Purchases and Plans

I’ve always struggled with eyelash volume and finding the right mascara to compliment my thin, not-so-dark, and probably short eyelashes. My last tube of mascara was so disappointing and dried out quickly; has anyone had the same experience with the yellow Lash Blast mascara from Covergirl?

I will never buy this again.

After reading Emily‘s blog, I decided that, yes, I’d love to try the mascara she lives by. Who wouldn’t want those gorgeous lashes?

Well, after the very first swipe I put on, I couldn’t have been in higher spirits over my choice to try it. I chose to purchase the carbon black, since my lashes are very light, and a non-waterproof tube since I’m not in favor of scratching my eyes out trying to remove eye make-up. I love the brush; it’s not plastic, and it’s not too full a brush, but full enough!

I can say that I will be a lifelong consumer of this tube, so long as I live! Thanks, Emily.

I’ve also decided to make some other make-up purchases, thanks the the ever influential media that Pinterest is. After contemplating over a nude lipstick for the fall weather, I decided to go with the ever popular pin for Wet-n-Wild’s Bare It All matte nude tube. I can also happily say that the $2 I spent on it was a very successful $2 spent. It’s highly pigmented and gorgeous for the fall weather. It’s not too light for my darker skin also, since my skin is just slightly unpale. It’s a miracle too because with all the extreme tempertures in Georgia I stayed indoors a lot more than desired. My husband and I visited the beach and were the whitest people there (I can assure you that we stayed in the water quite a bit because of this!).

On a kick from successful cosmetic purchases, I also picked up Essie’s Ballet Slippers. I haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet, but I think I intend on wearing the slightly pink-offwhite polish while I’m delivering No.2. Has anyone tried it yet? Thoughts? Reviews?

Pinned Image


I also hope to be wearing my own fashioned maternity gown with ribbon to match the new polish. Just a few short weeks away, our No.2 will finally be here; I couldn’t be more excited that the countdown is coming to an end… soon. We’ve hit the 5 week and X days mark… No.1 was 12 days early, hopefully No.2 decides to come early as well. He’s quite a storm in my belly; we have a feeling he will be completely the opposite of his big brother. No.1 has always been a calm and “rational” boy. What a wake up we have coming for us about babies…


Another little art project I’ve decided to take on is creating some pretty canvases with my son (16 months) and finding great spots to hang them around the house. The first one we did a few weeks back was more lovely than I had ever thought. I ended up doing a Pollock inspired piece on a 3.5 x 5 foot piece of cardboard (cut from No.2’s crib packaging!) and cut it down to 24 x 36 and framing it for the master. Since then, I’ve been on a painted art kick.


This week marks week 4 of the session in school. I can’t wait to be done with this class; it’s pretty disappointing to take an American Popular Culture class and have no textbook to reference, very slim direct subject relatability from the lectures to my final project, and having to rely on the internet for every single assignment. This school is lucky I’m not a student who uses plagiarism; if I were, every assignment turned in would be done by someone else and I’d not gain a grain of knowledge about Pop Culture art. However, I can say that I am quite pleased with the outcome of all my research thus far. This final project will be one of those that I proudly keep for a very long time.


We visited the pumpin patch this weekend. Here’s an update for those of you who are interested.

Pumpkin PatchA few things about this picture:

1. This is NOT a maternity dress.

2. I will not be wearing it again while pregnant. I had no idea it was as form-fitting as it was, nor as short (but you can’t blame me for having a bump in the way of looking towards my feet).

3. I didn’t realize how horrible the socks looked with my outfit. I definitely needed a more texturized sock for this.

4. My legs are shamefully too white to wear red. Noted.

5. Despite all this, I feel great about this picture. We haven’t gotten as many as we have wished to have gotten.

6. I’ve gained 37 lbs.

7. I probably need a hair cut.

8. But, I don’t really want one.


I guess I’m drained, blog-o-graphically speaking (yes, I did make that word up!), for now.

What have you been purchasing and planning lately? Thoughts on Christmas? Thoughts on investing? Thoughts on personally-consumed products?


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