Love: Mary Ann & Bill

Love is a funny thing. And love is an even more funny thing to display in front of a camera when you really don’t do it often in public. Such was the case for Mary Ann & Bill; or atleast that is what I gathered from the way they so intimately picked on each other.

I was honored to learn that they hadn’t had their pictures taken for at least 14 years, and they let me take their pictures!! Bill is currently on a month long vacation from Soldiering overseas, so this was quite some special time they were able to spend with each other. I’m flattered and honored to know that they were willing to let me get behind a camera and capture their special moments; ones they perhaps have only previously shared in memory and not visual memories.

These two are great. They even made me giggle and wonder what they were whispering about at times. Should I wonder? Probably not. I’ll leave the future mysteries of being happily married for a few decades to the future, when I find out what it is like, first-hand. I cannot wait.

“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. To love and be loved is everything.” -Unknown

“If you love someone more then anything, then distance only matters to the mind, not to the heart.” -Unknown

May we all find someone that we can love, that loves us, and that completes us forever. After all, isn’t growing old together what we want?


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