childhood memories & the present

The memories of fall time, Halloween, and Thanksgiving all seem so rich and fabulous. There was the awe of the change of green to yellows, oranges, and reds. There was giant maple leaves littering the yard and the streets. Mother and I would try and find the biggest ones; I remember some were bigger than my head. There was choosing a pumpkin (we bought ours from the store) and figuring out what we wanted to carve on it. I remember being little on the kitchen floor, bicep-deep in a pulpy, seedy pumpkin, pulling up massive handfuls… Mom carved pumpkins, sometimes Dad. We would happily light candles and place them on the step outside and they seemed to last forever. Thanksgiving was full of family, well… as full as a small family of 6 {locally} could be, parents’ friends or Dad’s bandmembers, and as my brother got older, his girlfriend.

Fall time just seemed so wonderful. My memories of it seem to be caught up in the bliss of it.

As an almost-30 adult with an under two year old, my husband and I have started celebrating holidays in our own home so that our little one {and soon, his little brother} will have bliss-filled memories of growing up, too.

But, it all seems so unmagical as an adult. Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE fall. But here in Georgia? The leaves aren’t prettily littering the yard in bright oranges and reds, there’s flowers still in bloom and bees buzzing about cross-polinating {please. please stop with the polination}, there’s palm trees in the neighbor’s yard up the street, giant sea-grass waving in the wind {mocking me with a smile, enjoying the stupid 86 degree weather}… It’s not the same.

It’s not fair that when fall began and pumpkin spice lattes were “in season” that I was still sweating in the heat. It’s not fair that the stupid trees are still green. It’s not fair that I don’t feel like I’m celebrating the Harvest season with a hot pumpkin spice latte in hand… Being an adult and comparing memories filled with amazing color, crisp air, the crunch underfoot, the family gatherings… it’s not fair.

I guess the good thing, if there was one to tell of, is that No.1 isn’t old enough to have developed a long term memory yet {kids develop those around 2 1/2} so this season won’t strike a lousy memory when it comes to fall. I grew up in Washington and Chad grew up in West Virginia… almost the same kind of weather considering the lines of latitude and elevation and mountain locations of our two hometowns… sort of. Anyways, what I’m arguing is that we love a crisp fall air. We love donning the fall closet attire. We love the changing of colors in this season.


See? Chad lives in the red part. Hello, fall. We miss you.


And we can’t wait for our Littles to love the same thing.

Maybe next year, when we’re living in Washington?


Note: published late because I didn’t feel it was right to complain about my 80+ degree weather with the then upcoming Frankenstorm hitting the eastern coast…

One thought on “childhood memories & the present

  1. It’s the same with me πŸ™‚ I grew up in Urals, it’s in the middle of Russia, a lot of snow in winter, ringing frost. I remember myself going to school with my father accompanying me, on my sides were snowdrifts nearly my height high, and snow was glittering like in fairy tale, especially when you close your eyes a little bit πŸ™‚ I couldn’t feel my nose, cheeks and and toes, but in childhood it doesn’t matter somehow, I just remember a lot of happiness πŸ™‚
    This year in Seattle I waited for snow so much! And when Christmas came, we went to Snoqualmie Pass to play in the snow. Children were so happy!

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