pictures worth saving

This morning (like most mornings) in my bathroom, I had the cutest little boy to look at.

I’ve got a cutie who, as silly as this sounds, likes to play with toothbrushes; may they be his, his little brother’s, our sonicares, or our “regular” toothbrushes… No matter. He even knows how to move the toothbrush back and forth over his teeth and where toothpaste goes (though he mostly pretends putting it on there because I won’t let him have it while it’s opened). He’s a smart boy.

One day when he’s older, I’ll have to show him this picture; it is one worth saving.

I imagine if he could talk, he might answer my question, “Did you brush your teeth this morning?”, with, “Yes, Mom. Twice.”


Love this boy with all my heart.

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