This is us. It’s who we are.


We may be a little underdressed, a little scatter-brained from having two young children, a little on-the-spot or whimsical… but it is what makes our life together memorable.

It took us two months for this to come together. I had this idea that I wanted him in the middle of a road, trees lined on each side. It just so happened that the perfect time for it came when we were traveling the backroads in West Virginia, his homestate, and it was the only time last year we saw snow. I wanted one just the same, and mine was taken in the evergreens of Washington in mid-February on a curvy, one-way road. It’s so symbolic; don’t you think?

Published by Elise

She is creative, motivated, confident, and consistent in her work. You can find her attached to a cup of coffee or tea at all hours of the day, generally see her carrying a child in one arm, volunteering her time to serve those who serve our nation or at her child's school, and always with the desire to read something and enrich her life. elise.maynor(at)yahoo.com (931)249-4231

One thought on “WV / WA

  1. Yes, Very profound. Aren’t trees wonderful! Symbolic of love, life, strength, longevity… And I love your spirit so much! So proud to be in your family! I wish you got to spend more time with Grampa Platt, the poet. You are kindred spirits. Next trip to town you need to visit Paul my teacher/Mentor and photographer. (just turned 84 and going strong taking photos every day and developing them in his dark room (Bedroom and Bath) You and me SOON.- XXXX Aunty Peg


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