Growing up, I seldomly remember a camera in my childhood. There were some, of course, because there are pictures of my childhood that still exist.

There is one picture that I’ve always remembered, mostly because it was proudly displayed in a dusty frame atop a wooden, scalloped window valence, but also because it was a nice black and white image, with lots of texture, just trimmed grass in my hair, and… those really dorky and embarrassing glasses my mom forced me to wear. I remember being at the eye doctor and choosing a pair for myself, and totally being denied because these ones were “cute”.

And to be seven and in elementary school? Yep, the sixth graders asked me, “Why are your glasses so big?” and then I could hear the girls giggling and saying as they walked away that glasses seemed to get bigger as the ages were younger. Oh, those dorky grandma glasses… Thanks, Mom. 😉

My brother and I. Ages 7 and 8.
My brother and I. Ages 7 and 8.

I’ve always liked this picture. Thank you, neighbor-lady-the-photographer.

So when I took this picture of Phoenix and a little girl in the neighborhood, it immediately made me think of the one from over twenty years ago. I knew they had to be shown together.


I am also keen on the color version.


Hopefully I can do a few more fun ones with my boys, recreating my years as a little girl. Don’t worry, I was quite a tomboy. I remember quite clearly throwing Barbie out of the two story window.

And as it seems, everywhere we go, he is always holding the hand of a little girl.


Do you have any favorite images you would like recreated?


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One thought on “Childhood

  1. nothing like memories…tks for sharing and love ur comparison…Phoenix and his friends photo will no doubt be a memory for the future..marking a new home, new friend, and new beginning for ur family…love u

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