“How Far?”

I know some people that can relate to this response, “how far?”

Many of us hear this response with our own skepticism. I can’t help but feel slightly angered over the complaints that I live, “how far?” Well, honestly, I could continue living on the east coast, I could have instead chosen to live near my husband’s family, I could have chosen to live elsewhere… waiting patiently for my soulmate to return home. From Korea. Which is far.

“How far?”, you say again…

My Love is far.

So far that instead of holding him while I lay,

I must instead close my eyes to remember.

Far enough that I cannot hear his voice,

singing, “rock me mama” while he washes himself over.

So long gone that walking together with fingers neatly folded

Isn’t even close to a dream.

So much in the future that when I wake,

He sleeps, alone.

My Love is far.

Perhaps the next time you say to someone that a distance is far, you carefully think about what distance means to them. I know that I am writing this selfishly, but I am also writing this because there are many like me who suffer from distance and separation. I just want to bring awareness to those who may not know the feeling; perhaps “how far?” is not the correct response…

SepiaBlack and WhiteSplit {Blue and Yellow}Selenium-tonedCyanotype

On wings that are not yours, you fly.

I await until your return

When you fly with the wind at your back.

♥E L I S E♥

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