The Crown of Life | Genesis

When Genesis agreed to have her portrait taken and to tell her love story for Jesus, she struggled finding what she would tell me about her life that would suffice her story. After getting to know Genesis a bit more, I can see why. She has been through so many things and still gives thanks in all situations. Check out her beautiful story of His faith and their debt story, here.

When Genesis came over, there was nothing she was pin-pointing at about which trials and tribulations she needed to share with us. Little did she know, when she was telling me bits about her blessed life, God was actually speaking to me. Genesis struggled with homeownership and has recently moved out of the place she’s called home, for 11 years. Everything is done in God’s grace though, because Genesis is being called to something BIG. For me? I’ve been struggling between calling our new home both a blessing and a burden. With the separation of our family, homeownership status has been both something I’d like to hang on to, but not something I’d trade for a happy family and to have my husband back again (or to travel to him). Genesis taught me that a status is not something we should look to achieve, just like I had been struggling with lately.

Finally, I feel content, instead of burdened by this home. The decision is now to stay and wait it out, or go to be reunited with my better half.

♥ Read on for her story ♥

~~~~~The Crown of Life_Genesis

Well, it happened. Our home closed and we moved out. It was an emotional few weeks (for me, anyway!) but we did it and you may be surprised to find out that we are now living in a home, with plumbing AND a toilet! Score!!

There were a few reasons that we had difficulty deciding where we were going to live.

Originally, we had talked about living with my parents for awhile and saving money so we could convert their detached garage into a carriage house for our family. This plan seemed fairly on track until we found out that the city we live in does not allow carriage houses and my sister and her family moved back from out of state and needed a place to live for awhile. Since we were still in our home, they moved in with my parents and weren’t certain how long they’d be there.

We have also been feeling, for awhile, a stirring of sorts. I really can’t think of a better word to describe it, but our hearts are being pulled in directions we don’t understand or know. We really feel that this is God moving us; pulling us into something that He has had in the works for awhile. I’m sure if you are friends with me on Facebook or have read any of my sparse posts over the last year or so, you’ve caught hints of this. These stirrings began at the beginning of last year and led us to a new church family (with which we have fallen completely in love) and while we expected that moving churches was the big thing, I’m now starting to understand it was just the tiny first step into the actual big thing.

Deciding where to live has been most difficult because we can’t shake the feeling that God would like us to go to Cuba and become involved with the people there.

Because of this, we have been weary of signing a lease or making any long term or permanent plans, which as you can imagine, makes finding a place to live a bit difficult. It probably doesn’t surprise you that we have more questions than answers right now.

What does going to Cuba actually mean? Visit? Live?
How are we supposed to get to Cuba?
Who do we meet while we are there?
How long should we stay?
What will we do when we are there?
The questions go on and on.
And on.

God, as usual, remains ever faithful.

My sister and her husband moved out of my parent’s house and we were able to make a smooth transition from our home to my folks, just a mile down the road from where we had been living. My mom and dad have been very generous with their home – we have taken over not only their spare bedrooms, but their entertainment room as well. We have a bigger yard and more house to roam in than we ever did before. As far as living with someone else goes, it’s a pretty ideal situation.

One of the benefits to living with my folks is that we have time to try and figure out the answers to some of our questions, and that is what we plan on doing over the next few months.

We would like to ask that you join us in prayer as we look to the Lord to give us some clear direction for what this next chapter in our life holds. We are spending some of our time meeting with organizations who are looking to get into Cuba (or are already working there) and are looking for what will be the right opportunity for our family. As of now, we are not looking to start a church or begin a new ministry but would really like to come alongside a pastor or ministry and help/encourage as needed. It’s a very open ended desire and many ways that it could look, so while we are excited, we are also unclear about what this will mean for our family. There is so much that seems impossible; but we know that if God is in this, all things are possible and we are anxiously waiting on Him to bring the right people to us and point us in the right direction.

If you would like to add our family to your prayers, we ask specific prayer for the following:

  • Clarity and purpose as we step out in faith into what we feel God is calling us to do. Once we have some direction, it will help to determine our long-term living/savings needs and goals.
  • Opportunity to interact with Cuban nationals so that we may establish relationship and begin to understand and know their culture.
  • An ability to learn Spanish (or in my case, remember). Whether this is using Rosetta Stone or finding a language school, we are unsure, but we definitely know that learning Spanish is going to a pretty important part of this!
  • As we meet with different organizations and missionaries, that God would impress upon us the role He has for us.
  • That our love for Cuba and the people there would grow – that God would instill in us a passion for those there and that we would be completely unsettled until we are doing what He wants us to do.The Crown of Life_Genesis2

The other night after meeting with Tom from Dwellings, Mike turned to me and asked, “So, are you ready for our lives to get wrecked?”

It may seem a funny question, but you know … I really am. I’m ready to see how God is going to use our lives for His glory. We’ve spent a lot of time being really comfortable and complacent. Though, as I look back over the last 12 years of our marriage, I see how God has been preparing us for this all along. Quite a few summers ago (too many) we went to visit our friends in Montana. On the way back, Mike and I had a conversation about how God must be preparing us for something. We got out of debt when we never thought we would be able to live without a credit card, we began homeschooling when it was never our intention to do so, we moved to a new church and made new friends when we had been perfectly happy with what we’d had before… All these little steps, completely wrecking our lives and then rebuilding them into something way better.

So, yes. I am ready to be wrecked. Because I know what waits for us is going to be pretty stinking awesome.


Genesis // her website // her blogsite // on facebook

May God keep working miracles in your life, Genesis! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of trials and faith.


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