Rebekah + Naomi // Homecoming

This past week, I worked with Rebekah + Naomi to capture some of their sweetest moments in high school! Big sis Rebekah, a sophomore, and little sis Naomi, a freshman, were attending their first ever homecoming. How precious is that!

These two were so darling and really took me back (eep! Let’s not tell everyone I’m 31!!). So fun and so much laughter and personality were in these two sisters who had absolutely no problem being in photos together! Sometimes, mom’s get blessed with the most loving children! #mommalove!

Rebekah + Naomi

We’re still in the process of choosing images to print, so I won’t be able to share their final images until they’re chosen! Boo, because they. are. gorgeous!!

I hope each of you girls will look back on this memory with fondness as you grow into beautiful adults!!


One thought on “Rebekah + Naomi // Homecoming

  1. What beautiful pictures! Sounds like a fun shoot:)

    Btw, if you could help me out and check out my latest post about Esperanza that would be amazing!! I truly would appreciate it! Thank youuuu:)

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