“Good Morning” | A Short Story

It’s 6:35am. Mom’s up and had two cups of coffee already. It’s also Wednesday, trash day. I hear her outside my window getting the bins ready to put on the street. I wipe the crust from my eyes and find my footing on the floor. As quick as a blink, I’m awake and making my way to the front door.

I open the gated door and climb up on the rock wall, “Mom!” I’m yelling and smiling. “Good morning, sugar!” she says. I’m her sugar. She grabs the second bin and brings it to the street. That ones blue. I like blue.

She walks the driveway to me, stands in front of me, and says, “Can I have a hug?” I quickly oblige. I love my mom. I squeeze her neck as tightly as I can. I lean back and then look at the mountains we live by and we take in the view for a few breaths. She asks if I’m ready for some cereal. Excited, I scream, “Yahhhhhhh!!”

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Published by Elise

She is creative, motivated, confident, and consistent in her work. You can find her attached to a cup of coffee or tea at all hours of the day, generally see her carrying a child in one arm, volunteering her time to serve those who serve our nation or at her child's school, and always with the desire to read something and enrich her life. elise.maynor(at)yahoo.com (931)249-4231

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