•Happily relocated in north Austin! It’s a little crazy… Texas Longhorns are not a rare sight!

•Back in school and learning new tricks (pinhole photography — like, whoa!). 

Which also means I’ve been burning midnight oil more than usual. Speaking of coffee, have you seen that hilarious video of Dave Grohl and fresh pots? You may as well call me Dave, currently. 

•Waiting on a portable battery control panel, to take lights anywhere to boost my portrait photography. HECK YEAH.

•Participating in this amazing group I have plugged into called Tuesday’s Together Austin, the local chapter for the worldwide group, The Rising Tide Society. Yes! It’s so amazing and harbors community over competition. It’s their slogan and they even sell shirts with it. 

•Finding out that less is more, every day. Less stuff, less stress, less media, less friendships via Facebook (really!). More interaction with my kids and husband (yasss), more outdoor = more relaxed, unplugging more and living in the moment where I physically am has been wonderful, and meeting new people and bonding with them… well. Do I need to elaborate?

•My husband and I made a huge lifestyle change. My husband transitioned from active duty to National Guard and National Guard is… different, to say the least. In place of our previous lifestyle, we hope to pursue a career (read passion) that suits us both. We’re going to be entrepreneurs!! We can’t wait!

•Utterly and completely inspired by Ben Sasso‘s work… Just. So. Gorge!


What have you been up to currently? Have you made big changes? Little changes? 

What is inspiring you today?



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