Leibovitz Re-creation

Hey y’all!

I feel like such a Texan, now. *snicker snicker* I could never lose my city girl roots, though. The funny thing is, is that the Southern Texas / Austin thing, and the Seattle thing marry so nicely. It’s like the two cities are sisters, who are long-lost twins, growing up living vastly different lives and… meeting and finding so many similarities occur because of relation. It’s exactly like that. So… “hey, y’all!” (I’m a little fancy over that greeting, since moving South 13 years ago.)

Anyways… a few more classes down till I finish (finally…) my degree and one of my favorite assignments was re-creating a famous photographer’s image. We had to choose a photographer we had studied, choose one of their images, and then read the image. We had to take into account the model’s look, the photographer’s shooting style, the environment, and especially the lighting.

This will likely be something I keep on doing, since I’ve learned so much and gained so much from it. I’ve certainly gained a lot of confidence in my ability to be a photographer by just looking at the image and accurately know what is going on behind-the-scenes and then applying it to my own style.

For my photographer, I chose Annie Leibovitz. She has numerous famous photos. She became famous from landing her first photography job at Rolling Stone magazine. She then went to work for Vanity Fair, and then, for Vogue.  I chose her, simply,  because of all the other photographers we were studying, she was a portrait photographer and the others were not. I knew that her work would be technical and I’d be putting some work in.

Leibovitz Portman

(I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…) I stumbled upon an image she had taken of Natalie Portman, in May 1999, and knew immediately it would be the one to recreate. It was simplistic and beautiful, while it’s wardrobe, makeup, and lighting would be very doable! It was, an “easy way out”, so to speak, for a usually highly technical photographer (Leibovitz, not me).

So, here I am, channeling Annie Leibovitz, Natalie Portman, Vanity Fair 1999.

Maynor Elise

Do you think I nailed it?

side by side


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