Motivational Monday – 3/27/17

084 _IAP5782-Edit-2Are you like me and filled with lots of ideas? Lots of lists and wishes and goals? A dreamer?

Let’s be dreamers together! BUT! Let’s also call each other to action in those dreams! It’s time to put some pen to the page and make ourselves an outline for a better day, a better week, a better business, a better lifestyle. Let’s do the things and check off those lists! Achieve those goals!

Challenge your weakness. Approach it with determination. Don’t back down, and don’t give into fear. You are more than you believe. You are capable and strong in mentality. I’m telling myself these words as much as you!

Here is our challenge: take some time to sit down with pen and paper. My favorite thing to use is a bullet journal; there are endless sample ideas on Pinterest. Find your quiet time and dedicate this to examining… yourself. Examine what your weaknesses are and write those down. We cannot challenge our weaknesses without knowing and identifying them first. Don’t rush this process, think it over for a few days and keep adding or adjusting what you’ve got. Identify what you want to work on and improve our weakest links. Make yourself uncomfortably squirmy pinpointing your weaknesses. Take off those lovely blinders and expose yourself to your thoughts and intentions. Be determined in challenging your weaknesses.

Next Monday, we’ll keep on examining ourselves and challenge our weaknesses even more. Stick with me!

Let’s do this!


P.S. Do you love my sweet chicken?


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