Anna // Editorial

For my final portfolio assignment, I needed models like crazy. My request was longer, wavy, brown hair, and that was it. Anna was one of the volunteers for my assignment and I loved how sweet and helpful she was for me. Having just moved to central Texas, she was super sweet in pointing out locations and ideas to see if any of them piqued my interest.

087 _IAP5831-Edit

We ended up just meeting at the local café, and wouldn’t you know it, as I was walking up to the front, the delivery section in the back was screaming inspiration at me. I met Anna in the front, quickly ran it by her, and voila. We made the magic happen.

087 _IAP5833

My aim for her shoot was: fresh, clean, bright, and editorial. She quickly understood and delivered.

087 _IAP5838

Another noteworthy detail is that Anna is also a fellow photographer! She was super easy to coach (minimal at best!) into poses and body language, and, she even gave me a tour of her studio a block away from where we met.

087 _IAP5841

We talked about our photography interests and direction, and it dawned on me, that I have been asked to shoot how my school wants me to shoot, and that I have struggled to find a style because of assignment requirements. I mean, I knew all along I was shooting something I wasn’t passionate about, but I hadn’t realized why. I wasn’t shooting for myself while I have been shooting for school. Sometimes, it’s just good ol’ conversation that makes the worries drop away. Any progress is better than no progress!

087 _IAP5847-Edit

Anywho, I’m very grateful to have met such a sweet and serving soul. Here’s to many more hangouts hopeful to come! It is always better when it is “community over competition” and Anna is just that!

087 _IAP5860



8 thoughts on “Anna // Editorial

  1. These are lovely! I think they fulfill the assignment quite well. I think the opening shot has to be my favorite! Great job and perfect model! 😀

    1. Thank you! My assignment required a few scenarios, and Anna filled the high-key portion perfectly. My professor even said I nailed it outside, which is tougher than you’d think. He was impressed. 🙂

  2. Wow those are lovely photos! Nothing like a great back story to make the photos even more beautiful. I love that you met and were helping each other, that is priceless!!!

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