Motivational Monday – 4/3/17

Last week, we started a Motivational Monday Challenge.

While I don’t really have a goal for the length of the challenge or know particularly how far I’ll go with it, I wanted to start something to keep myself accountable, at some rate.

Part of that statement goes exactly along with … my weakness. Ugh.

starting today

My weakness? Not deliberately planning things and implementing the plans. Yep. I’m no good at that! For me, I just want to begin the final product as soon as the idea comes to mind, winging the process as I head on the issues as they arise. That has been me, for all my life. The biggest drag-down this gets me, is being slow to get out the door when getting out the door really counts! My husband could attest to this if he wanted to. In fact, he got me this great gift for my 30th birthday that goes great with this post. It’s called “Starting Today” and it is a book of intention. I need to use that very thoughtful gift a whole lot more!

It’s funny that this comes up right now because I’m also working on set designing from start to finish in school, and have to implement steps and build upon what I conceive. There is no “winging the final product” by gathering all these great idea props and great idea photos and then giving my work concept and message. I have truly been warned!Β Eek.

Here’s my plan, specific to my weakness in my school project:

  • brainstorm several concepts
  • write out how each concept would need to be achieved
    • who are my models, what are they doing, what is my message, how will I convey the message, etc.
  • include ideas such as wardrobe and props desired
  • include lighting/set sketch
  • include where to get model(s), wardrobe, makeup, props, and potential studio space
  • choose a concept and move forward, based on doability of the concept

So, that’s kind of specific to my planning dilemma for my school, but it gets me going in the right directions for things also. I think my biggest take away from this is that I need to put more thought into schedule and intention into looking forward. I need to be able to devise a few ideas and plan the options out, and choose the best suitor.


Starting today, I will not take the backseat approach to life, accepting whatever shows up in my path and dealing with it. I will begin to fill my life with intention. I will begin courting my dreams, my desires, my needs and acting in such a way that I will achieve them successfully!

How about we set a few intentions this week in regard to what we identified as our challenges? Starting today, I will recognize when I am just winging things and begin implementing my plan instead. I will get organized and hold myself accountable.

Keep on making these entries in the same notebook so that you can add and modify and reflect on what you’re doing! Share with me your intentions!!



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