I’ve come to love the location that is Monument Café in Georgetown. I was first drawn to its floral hedges at the entry that were suddenly cut down, and then its very large white walls which I photographed Anna on, and, now, I’m loving (LOVING) the  vines they have in the front at the biergarten. The whole location is beautiful!

Tatiana came from closer to Austin, so we met in the middle and I of course suggested the Monument Café for how central it was to our two locations. To be honest, I’m still pretty unfamiliar with a lot of where I now live, and I know for certain I can get several good images with what MC has to offer, so why not? I did get to do some further exploring of Georgetown since Tatiana’s shoot, so I have a few more aces for those of you wanting portraits done now *wink*.

Without further ado, check out how amazing Tatiana’s editorial portrait session was!

Aren’t they wonderful?!

I’m totally down for doing YOUR portraits if you’re looking. I’m totally loving my new hometown and new, amazing faces that live here. It is turning out pretty amazing to be an Austin “transplant”. ♥



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